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Feb 20, 2006


Gerald Buckley

Jeff, My dad's a veteran. Several of my employees served in Desert Storm or Desert Fox... Among all the fine Americans I've had the pleasure to know the U.S. Veteran (next to the fire dept and the police officer) gets top slot in my view.

Sandoval's GOT to be pandering to some base (if not just for the cameras). I'm proud people have the right to say what they want, when they want, where they want. But, the Supervisor would do well to remember HOW that privlege was earned and retained... And, it wasn't by way of the three tenors.


Sandoval is quite popular in SF because of his extreme views, thankfully, they don't play so well outside of SF and Berkeley.

The problem with people like Sandoval is that they think you can send police officers to protect your freedoms or that "we'll just figure it out" when the threat becomes so apparent that even the most liberal among us cannot deny it.

But you have to remember that even in the late 1930's there were prominent Americans saying that German citizens elected Hitler and they just wanted their trains to run on time and to have jobs.

Sandoval will never recognize the threat the West faces today because his distaste for the military is so high that he can never imagine a legitimate use for the projection of power abroad.

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