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Feb 13, 2006


SV Sleuth

nothing new. The number one result on Google for "ford hydraulic hybrid" is this story from last December:

Secondly: the 3x improvement is in the STORAGE of the energy, not for the actual engine, or so it seems. That makes sense since no changes are made to the engine. The article projects a 60 pct spkike in energy efficiency. Impressive, but a far cry from 300 pct.


true, but it occured to me that the propulsion may actually be an expansion of the transmission as it's own power source. An automatic transmission is basically a hydraulic pump attached to a bunch of valves and a set of planetary gears. If you could store energy in a hydraulic piston and then release it to the transmission when needed you would remove a significant load from the engine, as opposed to having an electrical motor spin the transmission pump as is the case with current hybrids.

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