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Jan 29, 2006


Robert Scoble

You really need to just link to Memeorandum. That's far better than Technorati for seeing a bunch of links to a popular article.


I was actually disappointed with the idea that was proposed. There is nothing really different in the idea. It is simply a VC fund in a different disguise.

There is always room to change the an industry. I think having multiple methods for raising capital for high risk/high growth businesses is a good idea.

viinnie mirchandani

Jeff, this is one of your best written posts...

You make a point thought that justifies Dave's thesis...agree that serial entrepreneurs dramatically lower risk...but that is just one symptom of lowered risk VCs seek. If that is the mindset why do they still expect high returns...also where do newer entrepreneurs turn to for capital?

Account Deleted

I do not think the CR is itself broken is that the tendency to approach VC investment opportunities through a limited number - the economic and technology - a set of perspectives. Investments are generally made on the basis of business models driven by new technologies or new uses of technology. Even if it worked in the past, the market is saturated for more work.


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