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Jan 26, 2006


Jeff Clavier

Have you looked at delirious or other open source implementations of tagging services ? Since you can get their source code, you can deploy them behind the firewall.

David Young

Self-promotion disclaimer!: we offer just such a product for email, calendar events, contacts, and files. More data types (chats, to-do lists) are on the way. We're in the midst of a private beta, and I'd be happy to set any of your readers up.

Zack Perry

I've been looking online for open source system to do this as well. Little luck. I've been pushing this for internal use in our company.

Jason Kolb

This is interesting timing, would you mind elaborating a little on this? Web 2.0 technology in the enterprise happens to be a topic I'm very interested in... our product (a BI application called BlueVue, built on Web 2.0-type technology and from the ground up to integrate with RSS and its extensions) is currently behind-firewall by default. We're currently testing functionality that tags and aggregates report feeds, basically enabling specific reports and data to be found using tags. A large percentage of our customers are publicly traded or government, and they wouldn't dream of sharing their data with third parties such as ASP's. It would give them nightmares of Sarbanes-Oxley lawyers banging down their doors (although we do have plans for a public-facing, hosted version of BlueVue in Q3 or Q4 of 2006, however long it takes to get it right).

I'd love to hear why and how you want your tag cloud behind the firewall, just in the interest of making our product better. We do of course want to nail it the first time around ;)


SAP has 30,000+ employees and we generate A LOT of content that is for internal use only. One of the big challenges is finding stuff that you don't know exists. Search engines, and we have our own called TREX, get us part of the way but even keyword searches suck when the content is deep and narrowly focused. I think tags can give us a start on building the semantic data about content that will enable greater access to information, much like and technorati/tags have done for me.


We are starting a trial at a large corporation (mirrors in size to SAP).
One of our business partners is taking us there.
I would be delighed to have you tryout coursecafe.

Chris Yeh

I agree that this is a huge opportunity. I wonder if people have been scared off by the inclusion of tagging in Windows Vista?


Hi Chris,
What details do you have on this? I remember there was some talk about tagging in WinFS but with the uncertain status of that technology I don't know if I'd wait for it.

Also, I think MS has a tendency to overcomplicate things like this. Sharepoint is a good case study, it still isn't as easy as a wiki.

Michael Bazeley

I think this fits your bill, no?

Niall Cook

Interesting. We are currently developing an enterprise bookmarking application. If you're interested in testing the private beta in a month or so, please drop me a line.

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