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Jan 27, 2006



This is indeed someday the man I want the opportunity to work for. Richard is brilliant. He named Pam Pollace (former Intel Communications VP) as Edelman's Global Head of their Technology practice last July. And Pam operates out of Edelman's San Francisco office. Edelman's technology clients include: Microsoft, Samsung, Veritas, PMC Sierra, Avaya, Taiwan Semiconductor, Scientific-Atlanta, Symbol, the Wi-Fi Alliance, Harman Kardon, Synopsys, and InFocus.

A girl can dream, can't she...


Susan Wu

Edelman's essay illuminates why the open source model can be so successful in garnering significant market share. (in the case of the Apache Web Server, about 70%)

The most credible spokespeople for your product are those with whom your audience enjoys the most affinity. Our primary audience at the Apache Software Foundation are programmers/developers. There are no better ambassadors to spread the Apache message/brand than our own developers. The use of developers as PR-spokespeople is particularly effective since developers are generally cynical of non-developers and can be difficult to market to via traditional methods. On the other hand, a potential negative (if viewing this from a traditional marketing perspective) is that Apache developers have been known to communicate in ways that are brutally honest and not always finessed. As a community, we've made the choice to allow everyone to speak on behalf of the organization / brand, and I think it's contributed to the goodwill our audience entrusts us with (despite some occasional moments that would give a traditional marketer agita!)

As Edelman points out, the old school "command and control" style of message management is increasingly less effective than a more organic style. Instead of managing talking points, organizations would do better by managing the overall vision. The employees/community stakeholders will each have their own personal interpretation of the vision that altogether will create a far richer tapestry.

CMO, Apache Software Foundation
MBA Student

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