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Jan 31, 2006



7,000 developers? I highly doubt it. Out of 50K employees, if 20K are developers---do you really think 35% of the developers will get the ax. At JDE there are probally not more then 500 developers max. Where are the remaining 6,500 coming from.


Hey I have no idea, it would be best to ask Oracle directly.

Please note that I wrote in my post "I'm inclined to take all rumors with a grain of salt".



If Oracle was to fire developers in that big numbers, then definitely it would not have resources for fusion etc.

of 50K employees even if half 25K are developers, 7k ( 28%?) numbers are way too huge.Plus take a look at history.. at oracle usually the Sales teams go first ;o)

Maybe you need to reduce all those good incentives to your "source"



I don't think Oracle will carry such a huge layoff esp when they r venturing into new packages like Fusion.Even if there is an axe,it wont b on the developers who r very much required to successfully complete the longing project in time.They desperately need to bring in new products to retain their stake in market.


I think the number is really high as well, of course if you took out 16% of Siebel that would be 1k people alone.

I disagree about not letting developers go simply because they can't afford to RIF revenue generating headcount, sales/consulting, and their support groups are under a microscope by the marketplace.

Fusion is supposedly "halfway there" so it stands to reason that where they are prioritizing development is shifting from tools to apps, and at the same time they are adding headcount in India aggressively.

In the end it may not be a hard 7k cut, but a much lower headcount reduction combined with a repositioning of resources offshore.

paul mads

Well, guess what guys, it is happening as we speak across applications - air will clear by tomorrow.


yeah, I guess they have a press conference scheduled for this afternoon. Interesting, I'll post an update later.

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