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Jan 20, 2006


Chris Yeh

I continue to be astounded by how little attention Web 2.0 for the corporate market gets. Don't those people realize how much bigger the market is within the enterprise, versus the consumer market? And how much the average business unit manager hates being beholden to his IT department?

Gina Bianchini


I would like to respond to your post and clarify a few of your factual errors. While we certainly appreciate anyone writing about us, Michael Arrington's post was inaccurate in many ways he himself acknowledges.

Diego Doval, our lead architect, has the most thorough response here:

I'd also like to clarify a couple of things in your comments. Marc, my co-founder at Ning, is not actively involved in running Workday. Dave Duffield is ably leading that company. Marc sits on an advisory board that has yet to meet.

Also, I know that you are probably moving really fast in alot of different directions, but Marc's last name is spelled Andreessen, not Andresson.

Thanks again for writing about us. I'd be happy to talk further if you'd like. Feel free to email me directly at gina (at) ning (dot) com.


Thanks for commenting. I never said Marc was running Workday, all I wrote about, and it was included in notes someone sent me, was that he was "involved", which of course means a lot of things. He's also "involved" at Zend where we are an investor...

yeah, my bad on the spelling, I'm usually good for a few typos in every post.

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