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Jan 28, 2006



Just can't see how "being open", and "supporting democracy" are helped by censorship. This should have been agreed between all the search big boys so they wouldn't fall for a version of "prisoner’s dilemma", like two car jackers caught out on Saturday night. Big mistake. Do I trust you with my privacy data now? No, I am now going to unistall my Google Toolbar.

Tim Marman

You know, I can't help but think there is a degree of irony that people are using Google-owned services like Blogger to rail against Google censorship.


I thought about that as I was using Gmail to read the comments on this blog... and then noticed the "google search" on the left nav bar. They are pervasive.

Tim, you could also look at it as a testament to the power of these services, that Google's own tools can be used to voice collective displeasure. The irony is that the Chinese citizenry won't enjoy such freedoms, especially given that Blogger is not available on

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