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Dec 01, 2005


Ramana Kovi


ePlatform is the only vendor developing web-based consumer and business applications (Small and enterprise) from ground up.

I agree is not quite 2.0 comapny, but it does expose data but not logic. If you don't expose business logic, you cannot build powerful applications with it.

I was sorry I could not meet you at Riya launch party. Did you try ePlatform consumer service yet? .

-Ramana Kovi

Zoli Erdos

Jeff, how about Zimbra?

Depending on what we consider "enterprise", 24SevenOffice is another player: ERP/CRM/Communication/Project Mgt/Publishing all-in-one for the SMB market. On-Demand, AJAX - they received CeBit awards a year before the term AJAX was coined.


I guess we could add Zimbra to the list as well, it's clearly focused on enterprise users.

vinnie mirchandani

I thought you answered that question yourself recently - Duffield and Anil are building them...


really? Because Workday is using AJAX and presumably hosting the app that is enough? I haven't even seen a prototype of what they are doing so it's pretty hard to say what they are doing. I'm more inclined to think that Workday will end up being Netsuite with a better UI.

Charlie Wood

If is Web 1.9, surely Spanning Salesforce, which delivers personalized information (leads, opportunities, etc.) from via secure RSS feeds, qualifies as Web 2.0. :-)


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