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Dec 21, 2005



I think this is the start of a trend. Robert Cringley, whose articles I don't always agree with, made some good points about hosting on the internet:
To make a long story short, uptime is going to get very expensive for internet services due to increasing demand for rackspace and energy.

Neville Hobson

Jeff, you mention communication:

"One lesson in this is that companies offering hosted services need a completely different comm strategy for dealing with product issues than their non-hosted counterparts."

I think any company must have a clear communication plan ready for addressing a potential crisis such as a service outage.

While there may be different tactics required in terms of the specifics of how an individual company will communicate and what they need to say, there are some essential things to do that are common to a situation no matter who the company is.

We saw with TypePad last week what happens when you have a communication vacuum - the customers talk among themselves. A lot of anger out there, amplified by the lack of meaningful and timely information from the company.

I've not seen any customer commentary anywhere re's outage on the scale we saw re TypePad's.

Maybe that's because bloggers tend to be passionate and opinionated and perhaps CRM users aren't ;)

Charlie Crystle


For the past 5 months, Salesforce has consistently slowed down in performance in the last 10 days of every month. Click and wait, click and wait. This isn't the first time performance and reliability have suffered.

If their performance matched their rhetoric, it would be an acceptable platform, were it not for the terrible UI. But that's another story for another time.

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