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Dec 18, 2005



I think Om Malik et al. are off base in whole debate.

The problems that SixApart are having simply shows that the company lacks key expertise in engineering operations. Nor are SixApart the only culprit. I have yet to see anything that indicates any web company has the expertise for engineering operations. There is nothing inherent in these companies that should cause the failures seen.

All I see is a lack of risk analysis and a lack of proper planning. What makes this disappointing is that the tools and methods for engineering operations are well known. Engineers have been developing them for decades. Why aren't they being used? Is it a general disdain for things outside of the Internet? Or arrogance about the superiority of Internet technologies?

Until web service companies gain the expertise in engineering operations, they are not ready to be mission critical systems for companies or for people.


A point that I keep making... yes, building large scale datacenters is difficult but it's been done many times before. There is a systems component and a process component, both of which appear to be at the rool of the latest Typepad outage.

Case in point is, they operate a very large and complex hosted app successfully. You don't hear about massive and widespread failures affecting that company.


Yes, I agree. The interview with Anil Dash indicates they failed to test a component properly and when it failed they didn't have a process in place to immediately recover.

Given the rest of the interview and the general blogsphere comments, I really wonder if anyone is actually going to learn anything. The whole episode (and year for that matter) is being shrugged off as no one's fault or inevitable. I guess it is going to take a few companies going bankrupt or losing major customers until the issue is really acknowledge.


I think we spoke to soon Jeff.

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