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Dec 20, 2005



The big problem is its tough to monetize this traffic as almost 99% of the adult searchers are looking for free content and its almost impossible to convince them to open their wallet...

This is the reason the conversion ratios of most adult sites (guess its around 0.001%) are well bellow that of mainstreem ecommerce sites (around 1%)

Eric J. White

As a person actually IN this industry, it's true most surfers are looking for "freebies." The industry is fairly good at turning them with ratios in the 1:500 to 1:1,000 range.
But there are other more profitable segments of the industry.

There are still segments that have a lock on getting customers to pay.

We manufacture the Virtual Sex Machine, and have been growing steadily for seven years.
But, like any other industry, it requires R&D, and the kind of investment that the non-adult industry gets everyday.
When I think about the loser ideas that venture capitalists invested in over the years we were developing and producing this product it makes my head spin.

Those same investors that thought home delivery of groceries was a "new idea" and invested millions in a loser idea, (That won awards!) would never consider investing money in a company like ours with a solid track record, and happy clients. The money doesn't's only the prejudice of the investors that stop them from making money.
We've managed to grow, slowly, with private money. But it's a far cry from what we could do with "real money."

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