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Nov 01, 2005


Jeff Clavier

Have you tried Memeorandum to quickly grasp the "hot news" of the moment ? I use it now through the day when I don't have time to browse through my 250 feeds.

Stacey Douglas

Fred's post is a good read. I just read and blogged it myself. I use Bloglines for my RSS reader. It has a setting called "Show only updated feeds" which makes life insanely easier. If a blog doesn't have anything to say right now, I simply don't see it. When I read a post, it immediately goes away and out of my field of attention. I'd love something even smarter, say, for example, that kept up with how often I check a given feed, but it's still a big help.


Hey Jeff,
Yeah, I've been using Memeorandum increasingly lately, it's a daily must read.

Digg a lot as well, but it's not as meaty as memeorandum.

Greg Linden

How do you find nonlinear data sets that may be relevant to something you're interested in?

I think you use Findory, Jeff. That's exactly what Findory is designed to do.

Findory learns from the articles you read, quietly shares what others in the community have found, and helps you discover other interesting articles.

Kingsley Kerce

The Bloglines reader is also capable of sorting the feeds list "By Number [of articles] Unread".

ben casnocha

Brad Burnham notes:

"A very coarse way to segregate feeds is as publishers or distributors. Publishers tend to publish relatively few posts that are longer than average and filled with original content. Distributors (also called linkers) tend to generate many posts a day and typically republish short excepts of other people's post with a short commentary of their own. Each has their place on the web, but you will find over time that as you feed list grows, the distributors will provide less value to you because you will already be directly subscribing to many of the same feeds that they tend to republish. Selectively eliminating just a few distributors/linkers can dramatically lower the number of posts you have to read each day. "

This gets at our earlier email exchange.....


For nonlinear data sets that may be relevant, Findory is the answer. For feeds that you are already subscribed to, SearchFox does a really good job of surfacing new content from the feeds that matter most to you.

vinnie mirchandani

taking about time an attention - would you rather trade for a corporate job with endless meetings, emails and voice link below

Michael Vizard

We're working on it at

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