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Nov 10, 2005


Jason Wood


Shai's comments are taken out of context in that article (surprise, surprise)...I've blogged a bit about Shai and some other aspects of the Analyst Day if you want a clearer picture of what he said.


Jason Wood


My apologies. Thought the article was referring to his comments at the Analyst Day earlier this week, but now I've seen it was at the Churchill Club. Reading what he said, I'm not sure I understand where he's coming from, particularly because it contradicts some of the messages he put forth to the analyst community.

Frank Koehntopp

Awwww... not again.... I mean, there's no need for him to say Open Source is the silver bullet, but what's the use of alienating the OSS community? I don't really see them competing with SAP anywhere.

Randy Charles Morin

Actually, he's definately wrong on one count. Open Source encourages innovation. Quite often when I write code and make it public domain, 5-6 other developers claim to have written the same code the next week or month. So, we now claim to innovate 5 times everytime we actually innovate. Open source encourage innovation (or copyright, whatever).

vinnie mirchandani

Jeff,it's gutsy of you to have even pointed it out given you work for SAP. It's healthy. The reality is SAP is feeling price and innovation pressure. Shai's sspeech reflects both. You have a short term vaccum with Oracle's issues, but no reason to be opportunisitic about it. The reason someone like SW Airlines has had profits for 30+ years is they are disciplined on pricing. Last minute full fare anyweher on system is $ 299. You think they could not charge $ 1,000 on some routes? They do not. SAP has not shown the same discipline and as a result you are encouraging price competition - from the open source, SaaS, third party maintenance and other communities. On innovation, Shai keeps talking about Web Services. Most of your customers I talk to think it is still nebolous, long term. Innovation is being defined by Google and Apple - lots of new features, rapid new products. Some broad architectural shift is tough to call innovation.

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