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Nov 28, 2005


Zoli Erdos

They should not bother coming up with lame reasoning - it's just the annual ransom demanded by a monopoly :-(


Why don't you just switch to RCN? You should be able to get it where you are. Since we've had it(Telephone and Cable internet) we have no complaints and their customer service is excellent. Fastest customer service of any major company I've dealt with in a long time.

ben casnocha

Comcast has had good customer service for me!

Jack Moore

I doubt an outside poll would validate Comcast's fantasy of improved customer service. Certainly not at my place, where they are bound and detertimed to sniff out and defeat my poor little residential router so they can sell me gateway service that will not disable their router with their random IP changes and other little 'presents.' RCN you say?


customer service fantasy is right, in the most recent JD Power survey on customer sat for cable and satellite providers, Comcast scored the lowest possible score in 6 out of the 7 categories ranked.

Comcast's score in the 2005 survey was actually lower than in 2004... I didn't think they could possibly get any worse, but they did.

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