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Oct 18, 2005


Ben Casnocha

excellent post - this is what i was talking about a month or two ago with some "straight from Jeff" posts!

Andy Nardone

I hate these #&*%ing "mantras." At times, blogging really fosters the idea that if enough people say something it must be true.

A lot these mantras seem to be contained in an echo chamber. They have no real application outside of those who perpetuate them, seemingly to demonstrate to the others thay they, too, are clever and visionary - they "get it." I'll pass.

Frank Ruscica

Re: a company's need to be selectively transparent, see Wikipedia's entry on Ackerlof's Lemons Model, at

Re: a company's need to maintain control of its brand, see Wikipedia's entry on Arrow's Impossibility Theorem, the foundational result of Social Choice Theory, at


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