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Oct 27, 2005



Why I do not gloat over Typepad's woes


Should've got a Miele. :)

Scott Mace

I had a Neptune that died in 2003 just after the warranty ran out. A friend of mine blogged his concern about his own Neptune and it led to one message with 88 comments:

I then bought a Whirlpool and it's worked great from day one.

Scott Mace

Donny Wong

My experience so far with Maytag repair for my washer has been identical to yours. Lots of run-arounds and delays. So far, Maytag has screwed up a date (they confirmed a date verbally over the phone, and the proceeded to book me for a different date!), sent a wrong part to the tech, and caused me untold hours of lost time and productivity. It would have been worth my while to just buy a new machine rather than to get the old one fixed. I have complained to customer service, but have gotten zero satisfaction from them. No one seems to care!

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