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Oct 31, 2005



You are hanging your hat on Chris Mathews? You better listen to what he says about your boys in the White House, too. You gotta take the whole package you know.


Matthews was being spoon-fed by Matt Drudge, who later pulled this story because it was hokum. And his saying the document slirs Italian Americans? Who is dumb enough to believe that overreach?

Care to follow up on the facts, or does that interfere with your narrative?


O'Reilly is pretty negative on a number of issues surrounding the Bush administration as well.

Just because a voice aligns with one side of the political/culture war doesn't mean he/she can't be "fair and balanced".

Case in point is myself, I'm a solid Republican but I also unhappy with the fiscal policy, overarching influence of religion, and most recently the Meir's nomination in this term. In a great many ways I believe that this second term is a disappointment and I would like to see some refreshing of the cabinet.

But all of this just underscores the simple fact that the DNC got caught with the pants down on this one and even their staunchest supporters should call it for what it is, a dirty political hachet job, if they want to have even the minimum amount of credibility with the broader public.


Please rebut this article:

with contradictory facts on which you base your opinion that this is a "hatchet job." I don't see it. Thanks!


Did you even read what I originally posted? I'll quote here just in case you don't want to scroll up:
"First the UN gets jammed up by the hidden data stored by Word, a week later and the DNC finds itself in an awkward position for the exact same reason. Amazing."

My only point in posting was to highlight another example of Microsoft Word hidden data coming back at someone.

In all honesty, I really don't, and never did for that matter care what the doc says.

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