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Oct 27, 2005


Marty Heyman

Well, the underlying technology for identity management is around 10 years old (ancient by Internet standards) and well proven for authentication and authorization. The problem is not necessarily technological. Look to the paranoia of marketeers and others afraid of sharing their customers with each other or to the obsession of technologists to invent yet another solution to a long-solved problem.

Just my $0.02, as a Founder in a Directory Services company ...


we invested in a federated identity company because we believe we're at an inflection point where it becomes possible, both technically and culturally.

Johannes Ernst

Hi Jeff,

we missed you at IIW, I'm sure you would have liked it. Everybody I've talked to said that they learned a lot, and some well-defined action items and initiatives like YADIS have come out of it already.

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