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Oct 04, 2005



Google is doing what the US, the PRC and the ROC (Taiwan) governments all recognize--that Taiwan is part of China. This interview is with a Taiwanese indepence activist who has no government legitimacy. The Western press/blogosphere is misinterpreting this and trying to make a diplomatic issue where none exists.


yeah, but the Taiwan Relations Act also stipulates that the U.S. will conduct relations with Taiwan on an unofficial basis, and that the U.S. will sell defensive weapons technology to Taiwan... it's a little disingenuous to simply say that the U.S. recognizes that Taiwan is part of China.

You are also using slight of hand to suggest that the ROC recognizes that Taiwan is part of China without also saying that the ROC does NOT adhere to the belief that Taiwan is part of the People's Republic.

Coming on the heels of the Yahoo disclosure a few weeks ago, I'd hardly subscribe to the notion that this is being blown into an issue where none exists.

Dimitar Vesselinov

Political status of Taiwan


Bill, I think you might want to update your boilerplate, not everyone in the ROC thinks of themselves as a province of China:

"It is incorrect to call Taiwan a province of China because we are not," said MichaelLu, a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry. "We have contacted Google to express our position and asked them to correct the description."


"Taiwan, Province of China" is also standard:

Not Bill Bishop

of course it a standard. . . according to the UN, Taiwan does not exist either. . . Taiwan (ROC) officially believes it is part of China and that China is part of Taiwan . . . its a reciprical statement that does not recognize the EXISTANCE of China political entity called People's Republic of China. . . (btw, people's republic? really? when is the next election?) Taken another way, (controversially), Taiwan believes it owns China. . . as it has never relinquished claim to the continent. Standards are methods for the powerful & majority to marginallize the weak and minority. . . this is also the reason that in the US we have a federated system with many powers still held by the state . . .


I'm taiwanese. . . I'm KMT, I am also ethnically Chinese and proud of it. . . but I am no part of PRC . . .

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