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Sep 26, 2005


PD Quig

Actually, Syria was not full-fledged member of the original Axis of Evil (Iran, North Korea, Iraq). They certainly qualify as an honorary member now.


yes, I was incorrect in labeling Syria as an OAE (original axis of evil) member.

vinnie mirchandani

Jeff, cannot defend Oracle...but should Germany (and rest of Europe) be a lot more open?...see


I am wondering when I read such an article. I am an IT Specialist from Iram who lives more than 2 decades outside Iran. I am observing the iranian IT market since couple of years. Even when Oracle or SAP does not sell their the product to Iran, the get the copy of that. The iranian graduates from iranian universities are a real high performanced people. Therefore I don`t understand the issue here.
As far as I know, these companies are very normal company. And don`t forget in each corner of Iran you will find a latest copy of all Microsoft oroducts for only 3 US Dollars. What dode it mean, only Microsoft suffers here and not the Iran. The iranian have a big respect to the US people and their civilization. When the have software made in US, they will like also the US.
I hope I could contribute with my lines here.


Thanks for commenting, it's always good to have a perspective from someone that is a true local.

The issue that inevitably comes into play is the politics and U.S. laws concerned with doing business in Iran for U.S. companies.

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