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Sep 12, 2005


Zoli Erdos

So I'm not alone ... I actually installed Attensa after inspired by your post, and loved it.. until it stopped doing any updates today. Now that I look back, it's been skipping posts for days.
I can't report on the slowdown, I've been experiencing that on Outlook even without Attensa.
No patience left for bug-tracking, testing .. uninstall, back to Bloglines :-(


You imply that newsgator gives (or gave) the same problems. I have been using newsgator for many months now and have had no problems at all.


This is the difficult part of software development, ensuring that the broad spectrum of users has the kind of experience that you have been seeing.

On a related note, Attensa did reach out to me to find out what issues I was having, and in the course of the conversation they said that they had in fact added a throttle to the control that interacts with Outlook. The goal was to improve responsiveness and stability in Outlook.

Zoli Erdos

The throttle control is a good idea - or so I thought. Tried their new version for a while, minimizing the resources devoted to Attensa. Today I just rebooted for the third time: 100% CPU use, 98% of that by the Attensa Engine.
I guess I can't really complain, it is BETA, after all... but I don't have the time for this.
Game over.

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