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Jul 15, 2005


Mike Masnick

Yeah, Slashdot always does that to any reader that they think pings them more than once per hour, which is a bit silly. It's resulted in some bizarre situations, such as banning Bloglines (which should SAVE them bandwidth since it fetches only once for thousands of people) and where everyone at certain conferences get locked out of reading slashdot, because it thinks they're all one user as they come from the same IP.

My solution is that I use the rss feed for alterslash (

Anon Coward

The hell with slashcrap. FSCK them! You can get the same info and BETTER info all over the blogsphere. Crapdot is dead. Lets all move on...


thanks Mike. The truth is that I don't use /. much these days; it's really shortsighted of them to take a position like this wrt RSS.

I really like Techdirt.


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