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Jul 11, 2005



Nothing specific to United, flying domestic airlines is an experience quite comparable to a Greyhound bus trip, IMHO (not that I tried the latter..) Most Asian airlines still pamper passengers, so perhaps the right way to Miami is by way of Asia - Europe :-)


Btw, I wonder if due to the last-minute change you ended up with a one-way ticket ... or one that looked one-way, even if you had a separate reservation to come back ... I think that's a trigger for "SSSS"


I am positive that the flight changes and the checkin/uncheckin triggered the SSSS... I pretty much expected it so I didn't get flustered. Besides, I had 4 hours to kill so waiting in security just wasn't stressful!

Paul J.

Hey Jeff,

You'll get a kick out of this. I tend to be quite cautious when travelling to avoid setting off any warning flags when going through security. The other day though I forgot to think before packing. I have this watch travel case which holds two watches in the same format as those leather cigar holders you probably know which hold like 5 cigars. Anyway, had it in my carry-on and hadn't given it any thought how it may appear through an x-ray machine. Long-story short the folks at the Frankfurt airport thought they spotted a bomb in my luggage with a dual-timing device as the watches didn't look like watches. You know the size of my watches, and having leather straps on them (which didn't appear via the machine) made it look like the cases of the watches were simply timing devices. I was able to fairly quickly resolve the situation but not before having two heavily armed cops pointing semi-automatic weapons at me while I opened my bag. Quite a nice way of making me feel welcome at the airport in my opinion! :-)

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