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Jun 24, 2005


Sramana Mitra

Do you really believe this business of "people doing whatever they want" at Google will scale? Sounds to me like an accident waiting to happen!


that's the open question. The thing I think about is that consumer internet and web services may be able to absorb individual innovations much more quickly than traditional packaged software so maybe this could work.


If applicants age 18 and older are treated as the adults they are, then they can indeed be trusted to do what's right by both themselves and the company employing them.

Many a company states that it values its people as its most important assets, and that talent is one of their chief differentiators. Well, maybe to put at end to much cynicism about work in general, Google can shine as an example in this regard. Some have said that what Google founders have written about in terms of company values is naive, as seen in its filings for its IPO.

Yet we also know that as far as innovation is concerned, America is also has a reputation as being a nation of copycats. If Google is able to demonstrate that it leads and innovates while also treating its managers and employees like human beings worth respecting, it would be quite okay this time for corporations to copy that "management fad of the month."


"Yet we also know that as far as innovation is concerned, America is also has a reputation as being a nation of copycats."

and the fact that the U.S. leads the global technology industry is evidence of that? I really don't know how you could suggest that America is a nation of copycats when we spend a higher percentage of our GDP on R&D than any other nation... 10% of GDP versus 7% for Germany, Britain, France, and Japan.

I think your initial statement about being treated as adults is all well and good, but the point of a company is to provide direction and management in order to achieve a set of strategic goals. What I am curious to see with Google is how they direct people with smart ideas into something more than the sum of the parts.

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