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May 17, 2005



Sounds great. If PG is following it's practice for strategic relationships, they will want ownership of any IP that is generated. So you get them as a customer, you focus less on IP (at least that's the way I read their strategic partnership NDA). So I take the disclaimer re: IP over-focus as SOP for developers with a grain of salt or two.

joe blow

Exactly. P&G owning the IP is how they killed Bios Group, and n other startups where P&G has leveraged their brand to get substantial pricing discounts and solution IP ownership. Smart company. T3ci won't be far behind Bios Group's demise. Funny how Jeff comments on visibility. All T3ci is doing is downloading clients' RFID data in Excel, analyzing it, then presenting historical analysis to clients over the phone once a week. Then, when clients like Unilever realized they could get the same data from Retail Link, they cancelled their pilot with T3ci. Other T3ci customers will realize this soon enough.


You are factually inaccurate across the board.

I traced you IP back to Charter... Boston? Oat perhaps?

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