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Mar 29, 2005



Perhaps i'm missing the point of appliances - Why can't appliances be replaced by software services delivered over the net?

If it really does help to separate a particular appliance from the rest of your infrastructure and you also have issues maintaining a separate box. Then let someone else do this.

For example - a jotspot or socialtext based blog would be better than a blogging appliance.

I'm guessing secutiry/data issues might make this approach difficult.


I think we are thinking about this the same way. There's always tradeoff one makes when going with a hosted service versus an implemented piece of software, but the larger point is that enterprise IT should start to emulate a shared services model for software, which is what I think IBM is doing a good job of promoting with their ondemand campaign.

Randy Charles Morin

Some believe in a Web-client, other believe in a native-client. I believe in winner is a Web-enabled native-client. MHO.

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