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Jan 27, 2005


Richard Rodger

"what are the odds being on a panel with someone who has the same last name?"

Probably higher than you think:


same birthday I can see (per the Wiki page) given that there are 366 possible dates that someone can be born on... however the odds of last name are considerably taller.

Jay Lipe

There's alot of great stuff here, but the thing that stands out most to me is your comment about how the professional communications executive can no longer control the message.

In my work with small businesses I try to get them to understand how the control has shifted back to the buyer's hands. Those small businesses who can enable opt-in dialogues with buyers in this new environment will ultimately reap customers. But you have to give the buyer control.

Looks like control is shifting to the consumer in a bunch of different ways.

Jay Lipe

Andrew Lark

Great comments Jeff. Just finished a couple days at the NewComm Blog Uni in Napa. Communicators are just starting to fully get with the social networking revolution.

Having seen the data on release click throughs from the newswires and also company news sites, you are statistically wrong - people do in mass read news releases. They also are a 'technical' communications tool. Where you could be right is that mediums like the blog are steadily increasing as a news desimination and triangulation vehicle.

Jeremy Pepper

I just came back from presenting at the NewComm Forum - where I was fortunate enough to see Lark speak - and some of the largest PR firms had sent participants to the Forum, and there were also internal corp comm team members that had come to learn how to work with the blogosphere. Not against, but with.

It all comes down to audiences.

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