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Jan 14, 2005


Jim Piccard

I don't think the mini-Mac was made for your customer class; it was made for someone who already has a keyboard and mouse; and, at most, would just have to add extra memory.
What I'm still trying to figure out is if there is a way to get it working with Windows notebooks (I have a Viao). If so, I'll immediately get one and just throw it into my briefcase or carry-on (we've got three Macs at home; the Windows XP is an unfortunate, painful necessity when on travel). But when I'm out and about and doing stuff just for myself; to be able to quickly switch to OSX would be fantastic; save lots of time, less frustrating, more capability, etc. etc.


Actually you can get these for free, i already recieved my free ipod last fall from the same people (gratis networks). And im not kidding this thing works i definately recommend it. Anyways heres the site to get a free mac mini

I did the blockbuster offer just because its a good deal, but the efax one is completely free, and so is callwave which doesnt require a credit card.

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