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Jan 12, 2005


Steve Shu

FWIW - Although I'm no expert on the upgrade of theaters, as I understood some of the issues around digital projection was that it would cost some $75K to $85 per theater for converting screen to digital projection (excluding some other computer costs). Was a $2B some proposition to get all the cogs to turn the right way and JP Morgan, CSFB, and UBS were looking to finance the deal with the studios. May have to search Dow Jones News Service for the end of 2004 to get more details. Why am I following this you may ask? I live in Texas and follow Texas Instruments from time to time (manufacturer of DLP technology).


I'm not that dissatisfied with the sound or visual experience of most theaters, it's the seating that bothers me, people with cell phones, and teenagers who think it's amusing to provide their own sound effects. The problem that movie theaters face is not one of technology, it's experience.

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