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Jan 06, 2005



I wanted to wait to develop my product a lot more before i started shopping it around, but since you seem to like venturewiki,
what do you think PhatInvestor..
It's mostly a prototype.. I have a host of ideas i want to expand it to be


I've checked out PhatInvestor before, I like it. You are capturing a lot of blog content and apply organization, it's part of my daily reading.

I like venturewiki because it has the potential to be a sourcebook for key concepts and discussion around the venture business, the 2 sites together are very complimentary.


European pager networks typically guarantee to deliver the message in less then 30 seconds. European SMS networks typically aim to deliver the message in less than 24 hours. Most of the time they do much better than this, but there are no promises.

The closing down of the pager networks is becoming a real problem for people like the Lifeboats where a 24 hour delay in responding to a distress call is not really acceptable. For similar reasons SMS is uncool for warning of disasters.

However, the makers of GSM thought of this and the network has the ability to do an emergency cell broadcast. Only trouble is that some handsets may not alert you to an incoming emergency message, and others may (mistakenly) require you to subscribe to the cell broadcast first. But largely it should work and is the way to go.

Anybody know if this is supported by all network standards (i.e. non-GSM networks)?


there you go... looks like SMS could be one of the communication channels in an emergency broadcast protocol (which isn't surprising as not everyone has a cell phone).

Thanks for the info.

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