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Jan 25, 2005


Marc g

Blame the Polish all you want, but should such important decisions about patent law be made on a thumbs up/down vote in a meeting of agriculture ministers? C'mon, that's smeels so bad my nose is burning all the way over here. Not the first time it happened either. They tried this either the week before or after Christmas in a special session of the same ministry. Reporting was of course very thin. I'll dig up the links I found to that one if you like.

I think US style software patents have serious flaws, it doesn't mean that software patents are fundamentally a bad idea. In order to find a good way to do it open debate is required. Tactics like this won't get you there.


Hey Marc,
I'm on your side! Software patents are a good concept, but the system that the U.S. has evolved to for implementing this specific form of IP protection is flawed. As I insinuated, the Europeans should be very careful about going down this road.

At any rate, another delay is not good either. The market is expecting the EU to deliver guidance on this, they should double down and do the debate necessary to get it done. I think this also exposes a weakness in the EU system... getting 26 separate nations to agree on a single strategy.

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