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Jan 03, 2005


Steve Shu

Interesting post by Dan Gillmor on the state of blogging ...

Don't know if this was before or after your post.
As a blanket off-the-cuff thought, I've felt that there is currently an oversupply of bloggers ... but the chart on Gillmor's site seems to imply readership is growing faster than authors. In actuality, I guess my blanket thought (not supported by data) would really need to be addressed by trying to get at a measure of supply vs. demand and the economics within a particular subsegment. Maybe some of the data in the original report could be twisted to get closer to this. I'll have to read more. Thanks for pointing this blog out.


I think the oversupply question may boil down to a quality vs. quantity question. I would also dig into that Pew data to see how frequently the average blog is updated, which may answer part of the supply-and-demand discussion.

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