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Nov 29, 2004



OK, the Starbucks news is GREAT news. We have one in Heidelberg but I want MORE, like one in the drive-up to SAP. BUT, one major issue that is a problem. No non-fat milk yet, just low-fat at this point. Yeah, it's a minor quib, but still a pain-in-the-a$$.

On a positive note: the folks working at the Starbucks in Heidelberg are by far the nicest I have ever run into at a Starbucks and I've been to their coffee shops all over the place in and outside of the U.S. Bonus points for that folks!


you will be assimilated. First it was Coca-Cola, then McDonalds, Wal-Mart and Starbucks are next.

Bummer about the non-fat milk, I guess they figure the cigarette smoking washes out the fat content in other kinds of milk so it all works out ;)

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