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Nov 29, 2004


Faisal N. Jawdat

My impression is that the airlines still think they're in the business of selling a luxury good that customers should have a sense of wonder and gratitude about. I don't think it's a coincidence that the airlines who are profitable are the ones who seem to understand that they're running a transportation business and not a night on the town, that customer service matters, and that pricing models customers can understand make it easier for customers to actually buy tickets.


yeah, no kidding. And some luxury it is, a crappy baglet of pretzels and half of a can of soda.

The pricing model point is a good one, eventually the airlines are going to figure out that their byzantine pricing structures are actually a competitive disadvantage against Southwest, JetBlue, and other who have 4-6 price points.


Then there's the fact that United doesn't want customers who are over 6' tall ... They won't sell me an "Economy Plus" seat, even when I offer to pay more. Those are only for the "elite" customers.

Living in a United hub city (SFO) i'm mostly waiting for this rustbucket to fall apart so we can get a real airline in here ...

Mr. M

I continue to be appalled by the government bailout of these broken business models. UA/AA/CO/etc got themselves into their mess and should be encouraged to go bankrupt. Wouldn't it be nice if Jetblue had some landing spots and gates at SFO?

Southwest has demonstrated for 25 years that an airline can be run profitably in US.

I'd like to see a UA post-bankruptcy shed its antiquated yield-management religion (consumer anger at last-minute fares being 10X average fares should have been a clue), streamline their fleet (which moron decided to buy a bunch of every aircraft?), get rid of their unpredictable and old-fashioned defined benefit pensions in favor of defined contribution plans (placing pension investment risk in the hands of pensioners), and start competing on service again.


I really enjoy flying on JetBlue.

As far as United is concerned, 2 words: labor unions.


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