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Oct 22, 2004



I'd agree - being in the middle of a rennovation I am trying to envision all of my wiring needs while I have the walls opened up. I know I am going to miss something either because I didn't think of it or it hasn't been invented yet.

BTW - what wireless thermo did you use?


When we had our kitchen remodeled last year the switch for the range hood lights was overlooked. It got fixed, but it's a kludge and not was I originally wanted. A wireless switch would have been a real winner.

on the thermostat, I used:

Scott Martin

Unfortunately, a technical focus has obscured the most important element - Jeff, residing in the dog house, needs environmental comfort there. Imagine putting economics ahead of the little child, for shame. I feel for your wife. Go to the dog house, do not pass go, but see to it the dog palace has creature comforts. I know of these things. Good luck grasshopper.


spoken like a man who has been in a similar predicament!

The dog sleeps inside, his bed is so damn comfortable that he won't get out of it in the morning!


hello ,
plz send some updated results to me.
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