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Aug 04, 2004


Dave Draffin

It is true the the motorola reps comment was incorrect however there is a faily good reason for 5.2GHz band rather than the 2.4GHz.
If you want to deploy a high volume of calls over a large scale WiFi network you need an efficent channel reuse scheme with significant coverage overlap avoid significant blocking problems (The 802.11 CSMA/CA scheme is not well designed to handle many symetric link, bursty, and latency intollerent conversations to a single AP)
With its 3 channel reuse scheme, 802.11bg is not a good canditate, furthermore use of other hopping, and spread spectrum systems in the 2.4GHz band is prevelant.
If Motorola are going for 'enterprise' high volume, multiple access point, implmentations as a typical deployment model, using the 2.4GHz band would be rather doomed from the start, hence the selection of the, less utilised 5.2GHz band with its greater number of channels.
This would allow a valid channel resuse scheme and thus enable efficent large scale network deployments.


Thanks for the very insightful comments.

Insofar as mobility across the various broadband networks is concerned, I've become convinced that mobility is best handled at the IP layer, relying on the lower levels for the roaming and QoS functions.

With regard to Motorola's decision to build in the 5.2ghz radio, I do think it doomed the device for enterprise deployments because customers want mobility across public networks, not just their own networks. The problem with 11a is that the public hotspot infrastructure has largely ignored it. I agree that it is technically superior, but it's a VHS vs. Beta situation and 2.4ghz has won this round. Let's see what happens with 802.16...

M. Smadi

very good discussion. It will be interesting to see how motorola is going to resolve the security problem. The GW which they use (i forget the name they used for it), could be placed outside the company's VPN and end-to-end encryption could be done between the device and the GW...

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