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Aug 12, 2004


Roddy MacFarquhar

Signed up for this a week ago. It's working well so far. I was never a NetFlix customer so I can't compare. The return address for me (NY) is Flushing NY but I don't know if the DVD's get sent from there - they seem to take a little too long to get to me. The thing that decided it for me (and I was about to sign up with NetFlix after giving up on a cheaper clone) was the two free rentals per month from Blockbuster stores - if you can use these it's a good package.


yeah, I just signed up for it this morning as well. As long as the turnaround time on the dvds is fast, and the selection is the same as Netflix (have no idea why it would be any different) I'll go with Blockbuster... unless Netflix takes their price down to match BB. The 2 free rentals is a nice bonus, although I don't even know where a Blockbuster retail outlet is (although, this could be good while you are traveling, plus blockbuster has games).

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