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Aug 04, 2004


Nick Gray

Great post.... it's like FUN distance learning (I'm supposed to be studying for my boring and outdated b-school classes for a big test tomorrow, but this post got the best of me). I think there's enough talk on VC blogs about Do's and Don'ts as an entrepreneur. I like reading your site for the meta-funding news and anecdotes like this.


What really fascinates me about China is the entrepreneurial spirit of the Chinese people, I've never seen a culture outside of the U.S. where this is baked into the DNA so strongly that even 70+ years of communism could not burn it out. Combine that with the massive amount of infrastructure the Chinese government is orchestrating and I really think that China is poised to become the economic superpower that so many hope it will.

Nick Gray

My two (random) cents-- (1) In my last few years attending the Consumer Electronics Show, the fun and exciting stuff is always tucked among the hundreds of tiny China/Taiwan/Hong Kong booths in the Hilton.
(2) I read somewhere that Today's Wal-Marts are nothing more than showcases for Chinese manufacturers. Agreed.

Andrew Batchelor

Jeff your comments are on the mark. Doing business in China remains problematic unless you are prepared to modify your approach and adapt to the local ways of doing things. Invariably a mix of outside thinking and local talent are key ingredients. On a wider theme you will often see people refer to doing business 'in Asia' as if its a single marketplace. This couldn't be further from the truth. Divergent culture, law, langauge, currency etc etc. Nevertheless there is opportunity here. Ive lived in Hong Kong 11 years and am focussing more and more on China.. see my blog
for ongoing news on PE / VC in the China.

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