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Jul 12, 2004



Regarding various costs relative to other possible places to set up shop "from excessive regulation to high taxes to cost of living to high insurance costs" do you have any thoughts as to the importance of those various costs to each other. Higher cost of living for example would not only top my list but dwarf the other costs. And it is perhaps the least adressable by legisature.


high cost of living affects employees directly, and puts upward pressure on wages as a result, but that's not a cost directly carried on the P&L of a business. California would be an immensely more prosperous place to do business if the legislature would enact the following, in order of priority:

1 - insurance reform coupled with tort reform.
2 - healthcare reform that attacks the fundamental flaw in the state's healthcare system, it cost more to stay in a hospital in CA than other states. Read the WSJ article on this today for more info:,,SB108966806811161599,00.html?mod=todays_us_page_one

3 - fiscal reform. The state budget crisis has siphoned away dollars from cities and counties, resulting in backdoor tax increases at the local level. For example, my city raising their facility fees for utility services by 400%, imagine what that means to a small business looking to expand their facilities. The taxes being applied to phone lines to pay for 911 service is another example.

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