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Jun 01, 2004



This is one area that strikes me as ripe for serious leadership from the federal government. While there are many private-sector resources at work on all the above, it seems that both talk and money at the federal level could go a long way towards refocusing academia, entrepreneurs, the media, and manufacturers on what is arguably the most strategically important challenge of our generation.

John Beatty

Nice post. Where did you get the breakdown for the uses of crude? Wikipedia is currently lacking in detail; I'd like to add this to the crude oil article.

This is a really good log of '04 Prius mileage. His average is ~46 mixed highway/city.

John Beatty

Oops, typepad doesn't accept HTML links in comments. Here's the links:

Wikipedia on crude oil:

Prius mileage:


the crude oil production breakdown came from here, and I heard similar stats on NPR a couple of weeks ago so I think they are pretty accurate.


yes, this is an area where the Federal government should take leadership. I would look for taxes and tax incentives to shape specific behaviors and encourage development of technology in this area, as well as direct investment in development either through academic or foundations.

As a VC, I think it's a fairly natural progression to see investment in technology develop out of the already significant areas of energy investing. For example, I know a lot of investment has been made in advancing the state of the art in battery technology. Power distribution and metering would be another area of build out.

I'm actually very encouraged that a solution will be found, the stakes are so high and the reward so great. I have come to the point where I think that energy technology will be the defining technology of the 21st century.


Forget all that fancy stuff, it's all about bananas.

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