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Feb 10, 2004


Scott Allen

In conversations with LinkedIn execs/founders, they definitely push for quality over quantity themselves. As demonstrated by your recent experiment, though, it's nearly impossible to mandate or regulate that among the members.

Brian Carroll

Well said, I wonder about the value of social networking too. I admit, part of me wants to have a high quality contacts and my ego wants to show how "popular" I am by "knowing" a lot of people. Quality vs. Quantity indeed.

In either case, 1-month into my own trial of social networking has been mixed. I got recieved 2 resume's and 1 potential reseller.

I have yet to proactively connect beyond my direct contacts. Personally, I favor making a phone call. I like you, don't want more email requests. Have you generated anything of value?

michael white

An Avatar? Maybe that's what I'm doing. I look at life as a whole. Coincidences (for lack of a non-cliched word) are road signs helping us determine a direction of movement (not necessarily in the physical realm).

I'm working on a software module which links coincidental interaction within Nature and published human consciousness. Currently I'm modeling Climate Change.

For my software to ultimately work within a social network, a persons daily life of data would be connected via an identifier - and freely available. Too, an aspect of human momentum would need to change dramatically - we would trust that life is a whole and not something to be mastered, assimilated, conquered. We would need to move to a much less mechanical decentralized world. And our user base would need to be decreased.

Which coincidentally, Climate Change is forcing upon us. And it's ramping up.

Google, with all the tools I need (email, blog, webpages, and soon a social network site) seemed like a potential opportunity. They never responded to my email :)

My profile is lost within LinkedIn...

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