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Feb 17, 2004



You mentioned "Sightspeed is using the 54mbs datalink" not the 11mbs more common in corporate environments.

Were you able to ask them about this? Is their solution limited to these higher bandwidth situations?


No, I had to get to the airport and when I went down to the Demo Pavillion it was closed for the sessions, so I could not ask them directly.

In all fairness, enterprise IT is typically fatter than 10mbs so I'm sure it will work fine. I give them credit for taking advantage of the 802.11a connection while most of the other companies were demo'ing over the much slower 11b link. It never ceases to amaze me that companies can be so detailed about every aspect of there presentation, yet miss the most obvious thing that will improve their performance.


You mentioned that BIGontheNet offers a meta-search engine. This is incorrect. We are in DEMO to launch p-ZOOM, a companion to Google, Yahoo and MSN which automatically organize the search results from each of these search engines (separately) into a hierarchy of folders so that the user do not have scroll through pages to find what they are looking for? The search companion p-ZOOM is seamlessly integrated with IE browser and the supported search engines. We are not aware of anything like this in the market which give this level of ease of use and speed.

Aron Rosenberg

This is Aron Rosenberg from SightSpeed. I wanted to answer your question about why we used 802.11a /54mbps at DEMO. The answer is that 802.11a was the only unused wireless spectrum there that had no other people on it. The normal wireless network had more than 50 people trying to use it and 802.11 has bad performance issues if more than a few people are using at one time.

SightSpeed CTO


there were a lot of 802.11b hotspots at the conference, and you had your own 802.11a access point, which leads me to the conclusion that you installed you own wireless network and went with the faster 11a... are you saying that the 11b stuff gets congested no matter how many access points there are?

Either way, the demo was very good and I would have used the 11a access point as well.

Aron Rosenberg

We brought our own 802.11 equipment. And Yes, 802.11b/g gets very congested when there are multiple users (>5 or 10) on the same channel or more than one base station (AP) using the same channel in the same location. At DEMO I believe there were at least 3 AP's on each of the 3 possible channels (9 total on b/g).

802.11a has a nice frequenceny avoidence system built into it, but b/g do not.

SightSpeed CTO

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