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Jan 09, 2004



I don't want to pick up my ball and run home... I want to invite low end foreign companies to come play ball and compete with the american companies that are exporting jobs. Lets have apex, daewoo and others design cell phones for american markets (maybe with some ex-motorola american engineers handling the american approval process (fcc, etc).

American companies are certainly free to export jobs, and I am free to spend my money on their foreign competitors products (especially if the foreign competitor employs americans).


Foreign companies do have large facilities in the U.S. Need I mention SAP as an example, we employ at least 6,000 people in the U.S., including 1,500 in Palo Alto that are primarily R&D professionals.

Nokia has a big development group in San Diego that does CDMA phones (Qualcomm is in SD), Toyota, Nissan, Daimler all have big factories in the southeast, big pharma has R&D facities and biotech subsidiaries all over the U.S., and the list goes on.

The entire point is that the mobility of professional jobs is not a trend that will reverse itself, the U.S. competes with every developed economy on earth to attract those jobs and if we intend to remain the #1 destination in the world for foreign companies we must do it on the backbone of our talent and productivity edge. Government regulation, or even well-meaning consumer activism will not motivate foreign companies to create jobs in the U.S., there is absolutely no historical evidence to suggest it will, absent of tax policies that will in fact be a carrot for foreign companies.

Federal, state and local government absolutely must make fixing public education a priority, not because "no child should be left behind", but because if we don't there won't be jobs for those young people to go to when they do get their graduation certificate. Throwing more money at education is not the answer, we've done that to an unprecedented level and it is not yielding results; retooling the cirriculum, achieving productivity gains out of the teacher corps, and increasing accountability at the administrator level, along with giving administrators the tools and power they require to make changes when required is the answer.

Nick Gray

I've been hanging out with this GREAT team of really savvy marketing kids that work for a company called Hun gam here. (Remove spaces to avoid Technorati search results.) The company is on the block/"looking for a strategic American partner" - a great buy for anyone interested in this market. Seriously, the team of people that they have at Hungama is AMAZING. I'll gush gush gush for hours about how savvy they are and the great work they produce. Education had next-to-nothing to do with building this team's fundamentals. Real-world experience at a young age = beautiful.

Thanks for the Daily Dish, Jeff. I still love it.

Nick Gray

Here's another URL for that company- http://www.branding

Again, remove the space in the URL.

Sohail Ahmed

Here is another:

sohail polani

It would be much better if we try to do a job in our own Homeland.It could bring an opportunity to get hired by companies and paying us ,thus removing financial matter earning is less or high but moto should represent the loyalty factor.The only way to grow our country is to work hard,with keen interest and devotion.Obviously the result will be concluded in decades by rising Economy and culture.

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