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Feb 16, 2006


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» JBoss Acquired by Oracle. WTF!? from g-WH!Z
OK, the BFD I launched on Jan 1 relies heavily on JBoss. I mean HEAVILY. So, when an open source effort like this gets snapped up by one of the big proprietary shops I just gotta wonder - WHY!? What did they ever do to Larry to deserve THAT!? Be... [Read More]

» The Oracle M&A Q&A: JBoss, Sleepycat and Zend from tecosystems
When considering how best to address the rumors - at that stage, anyhow - that Oracle was in talks to acquire JBoss, Sleepycat, and Zend, I debated whether or not to split them off into separate entries. Not simply for... [Read More]

» Zend & Oracle: current status? from ThinkPHP /dev/blog
While reading the tecosystems blog, I stumbled over Steven's entry "The Oracle M&A Q&A: JBoss, Sleepycat and Zend". It seems that at least Oracle's interest in Zend is true: "[...] and in one panel yesterday Zend's Doron Gerstel did little to deny the O [Read More]


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