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Jan 09, 2006


viinnie mirchandani

In my 3rd year at Gartner(I am slow) it hit me that buyers did not really read Gartner stuff - till they absolutely needed it, then they were like sponges. They wanted everything ever written or presented on the product or vendor or topic of interest.

Similar thing with blogs. Now, when they need the info they go to Google and type the key words and end up at your blog or mine more than the subscription required Gartner, Forrester or WSJ stuff.

From my tracking software I can tell many corporate users read my blog. What most do not like to do is to comment publicly. They will send me emails. Their PR policies still do not know how to react to blogs. Others do not want to identify themselves and end up on even more spam and cold calls!

finally, so many corporate users go from meeting to meeting. when do they have time to read blogs!

Niall Cook

You're right Jeff, this is an important question that deserves answering. I'd argue it's the wrong question though, and it doesn't actually matter whether business decision makers read blogs (I don't think "reading" a blog is a good qualifier, anyway - a lot of people wouldn't know whether they're looking at a blog or not - it's just a web page they clicked on when they searched "SAP" on Google).

I think CMOs should actually be asking themselves "is an opinion expressed about my company/brand/product/service online worth knowing about?" If not, then fine, walk away. If it is, then forget about who else is reading it. Just make sure you are!


Niall and Vinnie, your comments actually dovetail together very nicely.

Paul J.


Did you give Marty your response directly (which I presume) or did you tell him to come here and read it himself (which I hope)?



HAH! Gave it to him directly, sigh.

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