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Jan 27, 2006



Should be an interesting market to watch when/if Microsoft gets involved with the - Media Center integration. Michael Arrington thinks this will "be bad news for Slingbox."
we'll see.

Steve Shu


Can I watch your TV? I don't have cable ...

Seriously, I've been watching Sling a bit lately but am not quite clear on usage protection ...

Jeff Clavier

The first link is invalid.


Microsoft announced remote control of their media center via Live, not remote viewing. Given the delicate relationship that exists between the entertainment industry and the large technology companies, I doubt you would ever see something lke Sling (or Tivo for that matter) come out of any company other than a startup.


Steve, I'll share my TV with you anytime... just don't run up the movie ondemand charges!


I have the sling (partly on jeffs recommendation) and like it. But I actually think that what tivo did to tv watching (on demand vs. broadcast) is more fundamental than sling. Sling just extends my tivo to wherever I am. What Sling did was actually already possible with software but just very cumbersome.

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