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Dec 14, 2005


Mike Munroe

Hi Jeff, this is Mike Munroe over at Onfolio. I am a Quality Assurance Engineer here and was very sorry to hear of the issues relating to Onfolio breaking when you upgraded Firefox to 1.5. We are aware of the problems occuring and are working on some fixes for the issue to be released in some manner within the next few days. Most likely through providing an auto update of the XPI that is used by Firefox, but we are working on making this solution suitable for the majority of our userbase, including those that have not yet upgraded to the latest 2.02 version.

In the meantime, here are some steps that should remedy the situation you have bumped into.
1. Launch Firefox and proceed to Tools - Extensions
2. Look to see if Onfolio is listed
3. If it is, select it and hit uninstall
4. Make sure you are running the latest release version of Firefox 1.5 which can be downloaded from
6. Uninstall Onfolio
5. Make sure that you have the latest version of Onfolio for reinstalling, version 2.02
6. If you do not have that version installed, download the 2.02 installer from
7. Reinstall Onfolio using the 2.02 installer

You should be prompted to install the Firefox extension. Say Yes when prompted.
Note: when you say Yes, with Firefox 1.5 and Onfolio 2.02, you no longer see a page launched that you need to install the Firefox XPI from, it happens automatically. After hitting Yes at the prompt, the extension should get installed and be ready for use the next time Firefox is launched.

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