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Jul 26, 2005


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» Profile - MSN Virtual Earth from TechCrunch
Service: MSN Virtual Earth Launched: July 23, 2005 What is it? MSN Virtual Earth is an excellent mapping/satellite imagery application. Much like Google Earth (profile), it is fascinating to look at, and very useful as well. There is no download ... [Read More]


Paul J.

Google earth is so much better than MSN's version. Jeez I wish I had had this as a kid so we could have seen where all the pools were in the summer to go pool-hopping!

Zoli Erdos

More signs of just how old images Virtual Earth is using:

Missing: Google, Apple, Sun, Oracle HQ's (jokes going around the Blogosphere about this being the world as Bill would like to see it ..)

Still there: Twin Towers in NYC, in their full pre-9/11 glory...


I found Oracle's HQ in Redwood Shores:

sad to see the WTC frozen in time.

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