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Aug 25, 2004


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Jeff Nolan makes a great point about blogging in "tree-oriented cultures." Hey Mr. CEO, how serious are you about getting to the core of the information? Reminds me of a favorite: n the beginning was the Plan. And then came... [Read More]

» Information Force Multiplier from Oliver Thylmann's Blog
Jeff has a very nice post entitled Information Force Multiplier on his blog. He quotes an interview with General Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, from which he deducts an interesting idea. CEOs want and need to know what is [Read More]

» Blogs: Weapon of Choice for General from BlueHereNow - Your Local Wireless Station
General Myers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, in a recent interview said the following about military blogs: 'I think, you know, when you get to the four-star level, you fight to get information from the troops and you don’t want... [Read More]

» Information Force Multiplier from new dog old trick
Jeff Nolan, one of my favorite venture capitalist bloggers, has an interesting piece on the internet and blogs as a CEO's information source multiplier. Jeff Nolan: Information Force Multiplier I think Jeff is right about CEO's being able to use [Read More]


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